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Seeds of Love


You Spoke - I Listened

Adoption, Family, Ancestry, Hope, Pain, Mother, Father, Natural, Birth, Biological, Identity, Genetics, History, Bloodline, Brother, Sister, Extended Family, Stolen, Acceptance, Relinquished,  Fostered, Helpless, Cared, Apposed, Grateful, Tears, Joy, Abused, Unforgivable, Values, Life, Opportunity, Children, Stable, Generation, Proud, Birth Certificate, Trauma, DNA, Birth, Statistics, Truth, Lies, Secrets, Open, Closed, Supported, Anxiety, Consistent, Fear,  Infertile, Choice, Equality, Local, International, Angry,  Rights, Skeptical, Happy, Love, Ethical, Permanent, Guardianship, Inheritance, Abusive, Adoring, Life, Apologies, Different, Answers, Memories, Vetoed, Rights, Unfair, Fair, Choice, Heritage, Politics,  Critical, Happy, Legal, Same Sex, Security, Parent, Consent, Questions, Emotion, Unknown,  Past, Future, Agree, Country, Laws, Nurturing, Change, Human.









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