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Seeds of Love

We Need To Get Adoption Right

Extract from [The Daily Telegraph]

It doesn’t matter whether this family has a mum and a dad, a single parent, two parents of the same sex, step parents, de facto parents or any of the wonderful constraints of “family” that exist in Australia today.


What’s important is that each and every has the comfort, safety and love that comes with having a permanent home.
And this figure is dwarfed in comparison to the millions of children worldwide who are either in orphanages or living, parent-less, on the streets. These children cannot speak for themselves. They are relying on us to get it right.

There’s no doubt that the current adoption system is flawed. The hoops which prospective adoptive parents in Australia have to jump through vary widely from state to state. The rules, regulation, the red tape - none of it is uniform, none of it complementary, much of it unnecessarily complex.


[Advocate for adoption]

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