Steve Moneghetti  ‘Pride  -  Not bad for not winning an Olympic Gold at Athens Athletics’ - 25th June, 2015


Corina and Jack proudly submit their first Archibald Prize entry.

A collaboration as - WYATT.


The husband and wife duo enjoyed long personal conversations over coffee, a love of Steve's along with another love, his wife Tanya in their hometown of Ballarat, Victoria.


When the duo heard news of the Archibald touring to the Ballarat Art Gallery in 2015, they decided then and there that they must enter the well acclaimed art prize and Steve Moneghetti was at the top of their list to paint!


WYATT ART are no strangers when it comes to giving back to the community and Steve is certainly known for giving back, along with his pride and love for his hometown.

With many accolades and successes over his long - distance running career, Steve’s integrity and manner really resonated with Corina and Jack.


A genuine interest was very present as the WYATT family name is very well known within the long- distance running community across New Zealand.

Jack enjoyed running in Queenstown in his younger years, inspired by his father's noted success in Cross Country. He is also the cousin to the long - distance runner, Jonathan Wyatt also know by Steve.


Working together with their shared vision, the duo entered into their Newington Studio with a connection and great respect for Steve.



Quote by Corina and Jack;



‘We all know the public figure that is Steve Moneghetti.

We hope to as WYATT - to capture Steve on a more reflective intimate level, with the feeling of depth, integrity and pride, as that’s the man who we sat beside and spoke with within our time of painting his portrait.’