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It was a pleasure to share time in Melissa's Art Class this Term
@ Pleasant Street, Primary School - Thank you.


100 Grade 3/4 Students participated in creating their very own Seeds of Love inspired by their thoughts and feeling as we spoke about children, friends, family and adoption.
They used 100% organic fair-trade coffee and painted their seeds onto A6 paper along with other mediums - as are mine.


They then shared their inspiration in creating their seeds speaking of all things, family, friends, relatives, and beloved pets!


The children are having their very own Seeds of Love Exhibition within the school and it shall remain on show until the end of this year.


The school community welcomes you to view the Exhibition throughout 'Christmas Fest' their up coming annual Christmas Event - Fun for all!


Congratulations to all the children who participated in painting their Seeds of Love - You all created very beautiful and unique artworks - You should feel very proud of yourselves - I am very proud of you all.


Thank you for having me Melissa and Grade 3/4's, I had so much fun!!!










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